1982 Brewers: Brewers are AL East Champs!


1982 Brewers: Vuke Loses Game 1, Cy Young?

Just win the second one!

1982 Brewers: Pitching Fails, Brewers Lose

Magic number stays at two…

1982 Brewers: Brewers Bang on Fenway Walls

The lead is now 3 and the magic number is 4!

1982 Brewers: Brewers’ Lead Drops to Two

Coaching gets blamed for a big loss to the Orioles.

1982 Brewers: Brewers Fall to Palmer

Brewers’ lead drops to three games.

1982 Brewers: Yount Plays Like AL MVP

Robin Yount mashes two homers and proves why he is the AL MVP.

1982 Brewers: Caldwell Complete Again

Mike Caldwell? Again? Wow…

1982 Brewers: Extra Innings Again, but Boston Prevails

Not this time…

1982 Brewers: Oglivie’s Clutch Homer Gives Brewers Life

With two down in the ninth and an 0-2 count, Ben Oglivie came up big. Real big…